ScenePlayer 14

ScenePlayer is a high-quality and easy-to-use 3D-viewer for 3ds objects and ScenePlayer Scenes.
It is free for private and commercial use.

FREE Download


the Player

Download and install the free ScenePlayer. It will register to display the file types .3ds and .scpl. These files then will be opened automatically with ScenePlayer 14. Use left mousebutton to rotate, right mousebutton to zoom, and <Shift>+ left mousebutton to move the displayed object. Right click opens a context menu.
Needs .NET Framework 4.0 & DirectX 9,8 or OpenGL. ScenePlayer 14 viewer is free for private and commercial use.

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the SDK

The ScenePlayer engine is available as a .NET DLL to be used as a 3D-software component in your own applications. Load, arrange and manipulate different 3ds objects and create dynamic textured objects with only a few lines of code. Build high-quality 3D configuration software, simulations or 3D games. Save Scenes as compressed .scpl including all used objects & textures. The Software Development Kit contains the .NET DLL & documented source code.

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Developer License

To use the ScenePlayer 14 DLL in your applications, you need a developer license. A single developer license costs € 299, a company-wide developer license € 599. No other fees or royalties apply. Please download the Player and the SDK on your own and purchase your license via PayPal. You will receive your Developer ID to unlock the DLL and your invoice within 1 business day. Locked DLLs work for testing, but will show some messages.

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